Whitsun 2017

We have finally found the time to visit our lodge in 2017 for a weekend away in lovely Bala. Despite this being a short weekend, we love this part of the world and look forward to spending some more time in Bala later in the year.

Our good friends, Chris and Jan sent some new additions to the lodge for us to enjoy in the hot tub …. a small family of ducks !  They have set up home in the main bathroom, but feel free to allow them to explore the hot tub with you!

We are truly disappointed that some guests feel they can help themselves to personal items that we leave for the enjoyment of others such as board games, DVD’s, tea lights, remote control units … to mention a few. We would respectfully like to point out that this is not a commercial letting but our home. We leave these items so you may enjoy them for the duration of your stay. Acts like this truly sadden Sian and I. 🙁 We were torn on whether we publish this post, however, we feel it is right for the honest and good people who enjoy Lodge 58. We want to apologise to our honest guests who may have missed out on these little extras (or essentials, depending on your view point) that we personally leave for your enjoyment. We do try our best to make your stay a little more special than the average lodge at Pen-y-Garth. 🙁

We are grateful for the wonderful comments that are being left behind in the guest book, we can see many lovely guests are enjoying our home making fond and lasting memories with their loved ones. As the summer progresses we look forward to coming back to enjoy Pen-y-Garth and its wonderful surroundings for the fall.

PS, if you want to find a wonderful picnic spot, when you leave Pen-y-Garth turn right and drive for around 10 minutes, you will come to a wonderful secluded place ‘Aberhirnant‘ which is just idyllic for a bite to eat … just remember your pic-a-nic rug !


Lee Sian & Holly




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