Lodge 58 – Covid19

From July 20th we will be open along with the other lodges at Pen-Y-Garth. New terms and conditions will be in place for guests and they must adhere to new covid-19 guidelines. There will also be operating a ‘track and trace’ system so that the park can monitor guests following the steps below:
The guest completes their Pre Check-in via the Guest Portal including the mandatory Health Declaration and Contact Tracing questions.
Guests will need to acknowledge a series of statements for the COVID-19 declaration as part of the pre check-in as well as register their place of residence for the previous 14 days.
This completed form is retained against the guest’s reservation for 28 days after departure.
If the guest answers ‘No’ to any of the statements on the Guest Declaration this means that there is a risk. RMS will notify the property via the Message Centre indicating that particular form requires review.
In the event a guest does answer ‘No’ to one of the statements, a staff member will make contact to discuss the details with the guest and refer to the local government health advice for proceeding with the guest’s stay at the property.
In the event that a confirmed case of COVID-19 occurs and contact tracing is required the Guest Declaration form can be downloaded from the Correspondence tab of their reservation and provided to the relevant health authorities.
The park is operating a ‘one in one out’ system at reception and trying to keep the numbers in the building at a minimum at all times. Understandably some staff members are nervous for returning to work also and so everyone is trying to prevent contact where possible.
We have challenging times ahead but I’m sure we will get used to this ‘new normal’ very soon and even get back to ‘ the old normal’ at some point – hopefully!
This does mean however that for the foreseeable future we also have to remove shared items items such as board games, DVD’s etc that we have left for our guest to enjoy. We hope this is a temporary measure and will review this as soon as we can. 
If you’re looking for a relaxing or adventure filled ‘staycation’ please get in touch.
Stay safe everyone and look out for one another!

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